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How Angry Adoptive Moms Are Changing The Game For Vulnerable Children []


You don’t change the world by staying quiet, being nice, or playing by the rules. Just ask adoptive moms. The passion, energy, and voice they have can, and will, change the world for vulnerable children.

My husband attended a breakout session for an organization doing crazy awesome things in the world for orphans. This question was asked: “So who made this happen?”

Leader’s answer: “It’s usually angry adoptive moms who make things happen.”

 Ah, yes! Angry Adoptive Moms. That would be me on some days. OK, Many days. But on other days, I’m just a normal mom. Loving my kids through the good and the ugly. Cooking, cleaning, feeding, footballing, driving. That’s the life of a mom. Then there are the OTHER other days. We moms with kids from hard places, are just sad. Burdened. Deeply depressed. And yes, angry.

Read the whole post by Michelle McKinney, the community manager at Confessions of an Adoptive Parent, to get her take on how communities can support adoptive parents of children who've experienced trauma.

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