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National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being [Adverse Childhood Experiences in NSCAW # 20]

Why We Should Assess for ACEs in kids in the child welfare system.  I don't know exactly how old this brief from the Administration on Children and Families from HHS is but the graphs say it all.  However I will add a few points:


1. In the CDC ACE study 1/3 of the study participants reported no ACEs whereas 1 percent of the NSCAW II participants had no ACEs. 

2. Greater than 50 percent of the NSCAW II participants had 4 or more ACEs whereas only 13 percent of the CDC ACE study participants reported 4 or greater ACEs. 

3. Even the children from 0-2 years old had more ACES than the adult CDC ACE study participants and over 90 percent of kids reported to child welfare had multiple ACEs.  


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