Needed: A New Vision of Foster Care []

The number of children in foster care has increased for the third straight year. Foster parent shortages have been reported in at least 24 states, with children staying in offices and hotels. The move by some states to close residential programs will only exacerbate these shortages. At the same time, many current foster homes are failing to provide the nurturing and attention that their wards so desperately need.

Yet child welfare leaders are surprisingly devoid of bold and creative ideas to address this problem. A case in point is the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s (AECF) recent report, Practices to Build Better Partnerships Between Foster Parents and Agencies. This document rehashes the same old ideas of better training and support, better treatment of foster parents by agencies, enhanced recruitment and more flexible licensing that come up in any discussion of the foster care crisis.

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Side note:  There are some interesting thoughts/ideas included in this article.  I'd be curious to hear from others your thoughts, as we think about what an ideal child welfare and foster care system might look like. Please comment below! 

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