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New Mexico Agrees to Revamp Its 'Broken' Foster Care System []


By Dan Levin, The New York Times, March 26, 2020

Kevin S., a teenage victim of sexual abuse, has spent most of his life cycling in and out of nearly a dozen foster homes in New Mexico and treatment centers across the West, including one where he claimed he was restrained and “repeatedly harmed” by staff members and other residents.

Diana D., a teenager with severe mental health disorders, entered the New Mexico foster care system when she was 14, and over the next 12 months was prescribed nine psychiatric medications. But she was only intermittently monitored, and after two years in state custody became “mostly uncommunicative.”

And Justin B., who witnessed the death of his sister in a house fire and watched his parents use crystal meth, was deprived of adequate mental and behavioral health care to address his grief and neglect, according to a lawsuit that accused New Mexico of failing to protect those in foster care.

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