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Nonprofit Gives Foster Parents Tools to Overcome Trauma in Children (Spectrum Local News)


By Sarah Duran, December 21, 2020 San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO — There's no place like home for the holidays and that is exactly where Ellie, Daisy and J.P. Seastrunk will be spending Christmas this year with their newly adoptive family.

The 6-year-old twin sisters and their 10-year-old brother were adopted in October after spending three years in the foster care system.

"I pretty much fell in love from the moment the idea was put in front of me and we made a commitment to go ahead and say yes. We became licensed foster parents and then, eventually the children were placed into our home," said Katherine Seastrunk, the adoptive mother.

"Foster care is isolating and then add a pandemic on top of that and it becomes even more isolating. The mental and behavioral health needs of these children are essential to address and if you don't help them heal from the hurt they've experienced those behaviors are going to be exasperated," Lord said.

A troubling trend she wants to diminish as Texas is ranked high in the nation for having children in foster care. Lord said there are about 30,000 Texan children in the system, with about 5,000 in Bexar County.

"There is a foster crisis," she said.

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