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Online Trauma-Informed Nonviolent Parenting Classes ( m)


There are online parenting classes in both English and Spanish offered through Echo Training. Here's more information about the online classes from @Louise Godbold who is the Executive Director of Echo Training.

Our trauma-informed nonviolent 10-week parenting series is available online in an easy-to-follow, interactive format so that you can get the best of Echo in the comfort of your home. 
It is now also certificate-eligible for parents needing proof of attendance for court or the Department of Children and Family Services. 
This week, we posted the Spanish version of the course so now our parenting classes can be accessed from the Tierra del Fuego to Scotland and everywhere in-between. 
Don't have a computer? Don't worry - the course is adapted for use on smartphones
Online Parenting Classes


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  • Online Parenting Classes

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