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Parent Mentoring Program in L.A. County Helps Reunify Families Separated by Foster Care []


Parent mentors, or parent partners are such a critical component of a successful child welfare system. Families served through L.A. County child welfare are reaping the benefits of their local program. 

Stephanie Moreno says losing her children to Child Protective Services (CPS) back in 2015 was the hardest thing she’s ever had to deal with.

A family member called CPS on Moreno, accusing her of using drugs and knowingly allowing someone to sexually abuse her daughter. As it turned out, it was that same family member who was the person abusing Moreno’s daughter while Moreno was away at work. The mother of two had no idea.

Although Moreno was able to get the allegation cleared up in court, her kids had already been removed from her home and the judge told her that if she wanted to get them back, then she had to kick her drug habits.

As all of this was happening, Moreno went into a temporary state of homelessness and joblessness. But as luck would have it, she crossed paths with a Parents In Partnership (PIP) mentor – a mother who’d also lost her children to the system but who was able to get them back.

That relationship changed everything for Moreno.

Read the whole article by Shane Dowing.

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