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Sharing Data to Benefit Kids: A Guide for Child Welfare and Education Systems []


Re-sharing this blog post from the Annie E. Casey Foundation where they shared a guide for data sharing linkages between child welfare and education - the Roadmap for Foster Care and K-12 Data Linkages.

...Successful data linkages mean agencies are able to draw on all the publicly collected information to create a more complete picture of individual students in foster care, helping inform interventions that are more effective.

“Data sharing between foster care and educational agencies is good for kids — and it’s feasible,” says Cynthia Guy, the Foundation’s vice president for research, evaluation, evidence and data. “To make this happen in a way that best serves children and families, you need a strong commitment and willingness to engage at the top levels and in the trenches.”

Read the whole blog post here.


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Great to know! Thanks for sharing this Alissa! Great step has taken for the benefits of kids in foster care and in improving their lives. Due to lack of facilities, many kids around the world are unaware of modern technologies and digital education because of which NGO's are working hard so that kids from poor family background get proper facilities. I have read here that this NGO Shammesh also provide facilities of digital education to Beninese students so that they get proper education. 

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