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Social Workers Study Trauma to Better Serve Children []

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Social Services has developed a trauma-informed child welfare system! Through the support of a five-year grant awarded by the Children's Bureau, public child welfare in North Carolina has transformed to be a trauma-informed workforce.

Presently, social workers and supervisors statewide are being trained on trauma-informed practices as well as self-care strategies to minimize the impacts of compassion fatigue. Two of the most crucial components in the creation of a trauma-informed child welfare workforce.

Looking at children and their families through the lens of traumatic experience is the new focus for social workers, all to better serve the long-term needs of children.

The trauma-informed approach to child welfare, launched as a training program in 2011 as Project Broadcast, is now being implemented through training in Henderson County.

“I think it’s important to know that every single person has a past and that influences who they are,” said Pam Fisette, social work supervisor at Henderson County Department of Social Services, of the impact of a trauma-focused perspective. “Until we begin to learn how to address the negative experiences people have been exposed to, we won’t understand why they are the way they are today.”

Read the full story and learn more about implementation in Henderson County, NC [Published 09/29/2016]. 

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