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Trauma and Resilience Resources and Training []


If you are working with foster parents, hope you will consider using our brochure designed for parents and caretakers about childhood trauma.  Our focus groups included foster parents.  It is available in eight languages (attaching to this email in English and Spanish), and I am working on a version where the resource panel can be deleted so that locally available resources can be inserted:

Find information on trauma-informed resources for parents and caregivers in our Understanding Childhood Trauma and Your Family brochure here. The brochure has also been translated into the following languages: - Spanish Version - Brazilian Portuguese Version - European Portuguese Version - Haitian Creole Version - Arabic Version - Cape Verdean Creole Version - Chinese Version - Vietnamese Version

*Understanding Childhood Trauma in English
UMASS_Trifold_CCTC_UnderstChildHTrauma_EN_112020 (1).pdf

*Understanding Childhood Trauma in Spanish
UMASS_Trifold_CCTC_UnderstChildHTrauma_SP_112020 (1).pdf

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