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Victims of Teacher Misconduct Say Schools Should Go Beyond Checking Boxes []


By Ashly McGlone, Voice of San Diego, November 4, 2019

“Just so you know, no one else has ever made a complaint,” a Chula Vista High graduate recalls being told by school officials before she complained her show choir teacher was sexually harassing her and groped her repeatedly.

“I feel like every adult who was an administrator in my life at the time failed me,” a former Bonita Vista High student sexually abused by his band teacher said. “I had a counselor talk to me for 10 minutes and then that was it.”

As we’ve been reporting on sexual misconduct cases in local schools for the past two years, we’ve revealed some obvious and egregious violations: teachers who failed to report their colleagues’ abuse despite being obligated to do so by state law, and administrators who did not report suspected criminal acts to police.

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