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Why Do Family Estrangements Happen?


Family estrangement is a very grief-ridden and personal experience that family members face when someone leaves or driven away from their family of origin. It occurs in families of all different demographic situations, including all races, religions, and cultures.

But why do family estrangements happen?

In this article, we shall focus on some of the most common reasons why family estrangements occur including:

  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Mismatched expectations about family roles and relationships
  • Clash of personality or values
  • Issues relating to mental health problems
  • Traumatic family event

Read on for more information.

Family Estrangement Caused by Abuse

Abuse is one of the top reasons for estrangement between the parents and children in a family. Abuse isn’t just something that happens in childhood; sometimes, parents are destructive to their children’s mental health beginning in adulthood or continuing from when they were kids.

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