ACEs in Foster Care

We advocate for the bio/psycho/social well being of foster children. We recognize, acknowledge and validate the trauma endured by children placed in foster care. We embrace the capacity of healing and ultimate recovery for foster children with family, community and professional support.

Young LGBTQ Nevadans ask lawmakers for change in foster care []

Young adults formerly in Nevada's foster care system told state lawmakers Monday that gay, bisexual, asexual and transgender kids would be safer if social workers are specially trained to help LGBTQ adolescents.

Speaking from experience, they said abuse that lands kids in child welfare facilities can worsen under state oversight — whether due to intolerance, negligence or assault.

Allen Johnson, 23, called it ignorance.

His foster mother isolated him from her other kids when Johnson began questioning his sexuality in his teens.

Johnson, now pursuing a career in therapy at University of Nevada Reno, said LGBTQ kids at a critical juncture in life are misunderstood in the foster system, which is emotionally taxing in itself and carries increased risk of suicide.

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