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How Self-Compassion Can Help Teens De-stress []

Teen stress is on the rise. According to a new study, learning mindfulness and self-compassion can help a teen cope. In a 2014 national survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 31 percent of adolescents aged 13 to 17 said that their stress increased in the previous year, and 42 percent said they were not doing enough to manage their stress. Adolescents who experience frequent stress are more prone to depression and perform worse in school Many teens turn to external...

Young riders saddle up on the sensory trail []

It’s easy to drive right past the bucolic pasture tucked between houses on a winding road in Anaheim Hills. But once you locate the unassuming entrance to Canyon Acres Ranch, suburbia suddenly becomes backcountry. With its barn, stables, four horses and 10 chickens, Canyon Acres Ranch acts as a salve to the children who visit. There, Tustin-based Seneca Orange County offers Guided Animal Intervention Therapy, or GAIT. GAIT, the only equine-assisted program of its kind in Orange County,...

Trauma-Informed Uber []

As Los Angeles County mulls the idea of using ride-sharing services to escort foster youth to visitations with biological parents, some child-welfare experts wonder how such a service would be able to grapple with children with significant experiences of trauma and loss. Children in the county’s foster-care system remain spread out across the vast geographical expanse of Los Angeles County. Trips to court, meetings with social workers or visitations with parents or other family members can...

Partners in Planning – When parents are supported to participate in planning, we can make better decisions []

This story is part of Rise's series by frontline staff at foster care agencies about their experiences working with parents. Recently, I facilitated a Family Team Meeting with a mother who was going through tremendous stress. (To protect her privacy, I’ll just call her “Mom.”) Her partner had recently died and she’d been diagnosed with a serious illness. She also suffered from anxiety and depression. Up until the series of crises in her life, she’d worked, had an apartment, cared for her...

This Is How You End the Foster Care to Prison Pipeline []

Almost half of all foster care youth end up in jail within two years of aging out of the system. First Place for Youth has figured out a housing and support strategy to keep these young adults out from behind bars and living on their own. Moments of stability were rare during Pamela Bolnick's childhood. She repeatedly witnessed her father beat her mother, a Venezuelan immigrant diagnosed with schizophrenia. Bolnick's mom eventually left her abusive spouse, fleeing to the Bay Area with her...

Fostering a Community []

Nestled in the shadow of Mt. Tom in Easthampton, MA, the Treehouse Community was founded to support families that take in foster children in the hopes of stopping the bounce through the system. Among the townhomes that house families who are fostering children, live senior residents. The result is a multi-generational community where one generation helps another. The seniors are vital to the support system that enables parents to succeed and the children to thrive. Now approaching its tenth...

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