Self-Regulation Tools for Special Ed Students

Live Online Course - 4 Week Series

Self-Care | Experience simple mindfulness-based self-care practices that can be integrated into your daily life to sustain your energy and passion, while reducing the impact of compassion fatigue and burnout.

Strengthen Resilience | Equip yourself and your students with empowering prevention and intervention strategies to reinforce healthy coping skills and increase stress resilience to the many challenges that arise in our daily lives.

Autism and Trauma | Explore the intersection of autism and trauma, and Dynamic Mindfulness practices that leverage the strengths of students with autism while supporting healing in students that have experienced trauma.

Classroom Management | Enhance your classroom climate with engaging trauma-informed tools that nurture positive behaviors, learning readiness, and social emotional well-being so that each student can achieve their full potential.

All 4-week Continuing Education courses will be recorded and participants will have access to the recordings for 90 Days after the course ends.

This 4-week course, Starting Oct 1, 2019 costs $125.  Register Now!

Educator and Mental Health CEU's available.

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