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Hello, Everyone,

I am co-editor of a new publication on, to be launched in March 2020. Collective Power is the written arm of Home for Good, a collective organization recently launched after 6 years of planning. HFG began when our founders asked themselves, "What would a system that reflects our love for our children look like?" 

HFG's  mission is to transform the trauma too often perpetuated by the various helping systems, among the people they purport to helpβ€”whether the Education, Foster Care, Criminal Justice, Mental Health, Legal, or Immigration systems. 

I'm looking for writers to respond to the above question: "What would a system that reflects our love for our children look like?" Social workers, foster parents, those who were formerly in foster care, lawyers, judges, parents whose children were taken by the system, and more are welcome to submit. It probably goes without saying that our goal is not to justify the current system, but to envision a humane system and to spark conversations that challenge the status quo.  

Please feel free to reply or to email me directly: 

Helen W. Mallon

Our submission guidelines are attached. 



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