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Hope and Progress, No Matter What! — an ACEs Connection/Cambia Health Foundation “Better Normal”, Oct. 22, 2020

The election is upon us. In two short weeks, we voters in this country decide who will lead us for the next four years. We have the opportunity to embrace — as a national priority — the tenets of understanding, nurturing and healing that underlie the science of adverse childhood experiences and move in a direction that embraces cultural and racial equity and anti-racism. Or not. What is clear is that no matter what, the ACEs movement will continue.

'A Better Normal:' Can universal ACEs screening be equitable? -- Concerns and solutions

Can universal ACEs screening be equitable? A conversation about concerns and solutions. When: Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2-3:30 pm PDT/5-6:30 pm EDT This webinar explores what it takes to ensure that equity is built into the process of screening and providing support for families who have experienced trauma and want help. REGISTER HERE Background At the beginning of this year, California, through the ACEs Aware initiative began rolling out universal screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs),...

VA TICNs eNote September 28 2020 []

If you are a coordinator or leader of a trauma-informed community network, you can always reach out to the State Coordinator for the VA TICNs, Melissa McGinn, . Melissa is here to offer support and technical assistance for anything related to building and sustaining a TICN, from getting on a call or attending a meeting to connecting you with other network coordinators around the state. Click here for a current list of VA TICNs around the state . Happy Hispanic and Latinx...

VA TICNs eNote August 17 2020

Hello, everyone! As we look ahead to more sustainable efforts in our new normal, the VA TICNs eNote will adjust from weekly distribution to bi-weekly. If you have any feedback about the eNote or information you'd like shared, you can reply to the email containing the eNote or contact Charlotte Eure at . United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg , the backbone organization of the Southside TICN, created trauma-informed resources through their COVID-19 toolkit in handy,...

Greater Richmond Trauma Informed Community Network, first to join ACEs Cooperative of Communities, shows what it means to ROCK!

In 2012, Greater Richmond SCAN and five other community partners hatched a one-year plan to educate the Richmond, Virginia, community about ACEs science and to embed trauma-informed practices. Eight years later, the original group has evolved into the Greater Richmond Trauma-Informed Community Network (GRTICN) with 495 people and 170 organizations. And they're just scratching the surface.

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