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VA TICNs eNote July 13 2020 []

Visit the Voices for Virginia's Children blog to learn more about the upcoming Racial Truth and Reconciliation Week! Artists and activists are encouraged to submit pieces that address cultural, historical, and racial trauma in addition to the embedded themes of community resilience, truth, reconciliation, and justice. Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities is increasingly called upon to help schools, businesses, and communities across Virginia achieve success through inclusion. Take a...

Virginia Trauma-Informed Community Networks eNote June 29 2020

Adverse Community Experiences and Resilience: A Framework for Addressing and Preventing Community Trauma , from the Prevention Institute, outlines specific strategies to address and prevent community trauma—and foster resilience—using techniques from those living in affected areas. Surviving Oppression/Healing Oppression describes trauma responses from those who are targets and agents of oppression and the need for trauma-responsive strategies. Everyday Democracy created an interactive slide...

VA TICNs eNote June 15 2020 []

Supporting Black LGBTQ Mental Health via the Trevor Project - also comes in a printable PDF . 32 Black-Led Queer & Trans Organizations to Support from the Audre Lorde Project to the Trans Women of Color Collective . Organization Development for Social Change: An Integrated Approach to Community Transformation via Racial Equity Tools includes information for sustainability when doing this long-term work. Race Forward catalyzes movement building for racial justice; in partnership with...

VA TICNs eNote Special Edition Vol. 8 []

Worker Wellness & Managing Stress University of California-San Francisco has a Resilience and Emotional Well-Being Video Series , including Self-Compassion for Stress Reduction and How to Prioritize Your Own Well-Being for Health Care Workers - though many of these strategies can be applied to other professions! Key Ingredients for Building Trust While Working Remotely from The Engine Room covers strategies for building trusting relationships with colleagues in the virtual environment.

Pandemic Parenting: Brain Science, Help and Hope

For families, from families! This session offers first-hand perspectives on why our COVID-19 reality is so challenging for parents and caregivers, and what we can do to promote resilient responses in ourselves and our children. We are all working to manage school, work and home during this crisis. Get practical parenting tips- informed by brain science and come away from this presentation empowered and confident to know your family will get through these challenging times. Presented by Jenna...

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