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How to build buffers against ACEs

JoAnn Farnsworth, a true champion for infant mental health in Hawai'i provided the recommendation of this excellent article from the National Institute for Children's Health Quality. The article provides keen insight into how we can provide protective factors- buffers, for children who have gone through stressful times.

"Pehea kou piko? piko naʻau?"

Dr. Kekuni Blaisdell, the widely respected and cultural icon of kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiian) stated that a traditional way for kanaka to greet each other was to say, "Pehea kou piko?" The piko that he is referring to is the belly button- the connection to our mothers through the umbilical cord- as well as our connection (even emotional connection) to the current world that we are living in. Dr. Blaisdell is quoted as saying, "The gut in the tradition of kanaka maoli is the seat of all...

[Excerpt] Insight: Why We’re Not as Self-Aware as We Think and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life

"Asking “why?” in one study appeared to cause the participants to fixate on their problems instead of moving forward." Check out this article and be the one to start the dialogue in our communities that will help us all move forward together!

Just Learned "Turn Down the FireHOSE"

I learned about a new tool that I wanted to share. Deborah Farmer Kris shares on PBS kids a simple acronym that works for caregivers and parents to help their kids when faced with increase anxiety, fear or just a dip in mood: H: Am I hungry? O: Am I overstimulated? S: Do I need to sleep? E: Do I need to exercise? Such a practical way to help turn down the FireHOSE and make small adjustments that can make a big difference. SOURCE: ...

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Daniel Goya

Kōkua for the ʻohana during COVID-19- Ask one of our community experts

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Aloha, This is an incredibly stressful time and we know of the challenges our nā ʻohana is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. ACH- would like to provide experts in the community as a valued resource so that questions and concerns in topics such as parenting , child development, behavioral concerns, trauma or advice in coping COVID-19 can be safely addressed. No one will be judged, no question will be scrutinized, we are all here for one another. It is ACHʻs pleasure to have Shannon Flynn...Read More...
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