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Returning to the Roots of Community Resilience in Hawai‘i (

"There are four things you should know,” says David Fuertes to the youths he mentors. “You should know your origins, because your ancestors have paved the way. You should know your values and connect in those values, because that’s going to drive you to make decisions. You should know your purpose, because that will show the ‘why’ of what you’re doing. And you should envision the ultimate for yourself and your lāhui [or ‘people’].” Fuertes is the executive director of Kahua Pa’a Mua , an...

Resilient Community, Schools and Family Project Hawai'i

A cross-sector of statewide community partners have come together to implement a Resilient Community, Schools and Family Project at five (Blanche Pope, Honaunau, Molokai, Mountain View and Wai'anae) elementary schools. Click on this link to view the mini report. Look for up and coming ACH interviews with the participants of this much needed project!


As we move forward to the "new normal" this is an excellent blog post from the PACEs' education community. I believe that educators and administrators could benefit from this blog in their own healing. Thoughts?

Ask the Community

Daniel Goya

Kōkua for the ʻohana during COVID-19- Ask one of our community experts

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Aloha, This is an incredibly stressful time and we know of the challenges our nā ʻohana is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. ACH- would like to provide experts in the community as a valued resource so that questions and concerns in topics such as parenting , child development, behavioral concerns, trauma or advice in coping COVID-19 can be safely addressed. No one will be judged, no question will be scrutinized, we are all here for one another. It is ACHʻs pleasure to have Shannon Flynn...Read More...
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