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We build human resilience in the face of the encroaching individual, family and community stresses of climate change.

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Climate Change and Its Impacts on Mental Health

Psychiatric Times Oct 12, 2018, By David Pollack (ITRC National and PNW Steering Committee Member) Editor’s Note: One of the most important issues of our time regarding human health and mental health is the impact of climate change. This situation is, of course, not about a new impending ice age but is clearly about global warming. This matter has been discussed mainly in the political arena, and there, mainly as a political football/hot potato (no pun intended). Unfortunately, there has...

Hurricane Michael trauma response: Free Community Response Model webinar for Florida tomorrow

Members of Florida's health, mental health, child-serving agencies, faith-based communities, law enforcement groups and others are invited to attend a free webinar tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. EST on trauma response and how to better help communities find resilience following natural disasters. You can register for the webinar now by clicking on this link . Elaine Miller Karas , executive director of the Trauma Resource Institute in Claremont, CA, will lead the webinar. It will be recorded and...

Climate change and mental health: risks, impacts and priority actions

This is one of the better assessments of the psychological and psychosocial impacts of climate change, though it neglects some key issues. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, October 2018, by Katie Hayes et al. Abstract Background: This article provides an overview of the current and projected climate change risks and impacts to mental health and provides recommendations for priority actions to address the mental health consequences of climate change. Discussion and conclusion:...

'I don't feel real': Mental stress mounting after Michael []

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) — Amy Cross has a hard time explaining the stress of living in a city that was splintered by Hurricane Michael . She's fearful after hearing gunshots at night, and she's confused because she no longer recognizes the place where she's spent her entire 45 years. "I just know I don't feel real, and home doesn't feel like home at all," Cross said. Health workers say they are seeing signs of mental problems in residents more than a week after Michael, and the issues could...

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