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We build human resilience in the face of the encroaching individual, family and community stresses of climate change.

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Damaged by Hurricanes, a Historic North Carolina Town Plans for a Resilient Future []

Hurricane Matthew made landfall on October 8, 2016, resulting in massive floods across eastern North Carolina. Princeville was one of the many towns devastated by the storm; flooding left 80% of the town underwater. Its location within the Tar River’s floodplain makes it particularly vulnerable to severe damage, and Matthew marked the seventh debilitating flood the town has experienced since 1919. Just a few months ago, town officials and residents braced themselves for yet another monster...

Just 1 Month Until ITRC Free Spring Transformational Resilience Webinars Begin

ITRC Spring 2019 Free 1-Hour Webinars on Transformational Resilience Begin in One Month! The webinars include: Introduction to Transformational Resilience for Climate Change Traumas and Toxic Stresses, Tuesday April 2 from 12 noon--1 pm Pacific Time The Resilient Growth ModelTM for Building Transformational Resilience for Climate Traumas and Toxic Stresses, Tuesday, April 9, from 12 noon--1 pm Pacific Time Building a Culture of Transformational Resilience Within Public, Non-Profit, and...

Conference Updates for Beyond Paper Tigers 2019!

CRI is Proud to Present the 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers Conference Session Descriptions and Presenter Biographies! Join us for the latest information, and strategies to build RESILIENCE! CRI is honored to have expert presenters in their fields to showcase a diverse selection of sessions revolving around the BPT Conference theme, "Building Resilience Across the Life Span." Conference Session Descriptions and Presenter Biographies are now available for review! If you have not purchased conference...

Grieving For and Loving Our Planet (

Wilderness expert and renowned mindfulness teacher Mark Coleman shares how he is learning to hold the intense beauty of nature—and devastation of climate change—in his mindfulness practice. Today, because of climate crisis and changing ecology, the sense of finding nature as source of nourishment is changing. We now live in an era where the impacts of global warming—unprecedented forest fires, species extinction, coral reef deaths—are impossible to ignore. Our very experience of nature is...

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