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We build human resilience in the face of the encroaching individual, family and community stresses of climate change.

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Last Chance to Sign the ITRC Call to Action on the Climate Change Mental Health and Psycho-Social-Spiritual Emergency

ITRC and ACEs Connection Network Members: Please sign the ITRC Call to Action! To Sign the ITRC Call to Action go here: To Read the ITRC Call to Action go here: In response to the accelerating personal and collective traumas caused by climate disruption and as a follow up to the U.S. Call to Action in Climate, Health, and Equity priority 9 to build resilient...

One of the most overlooked consequences of climate change? Our mental health

Ecoanxiety. Ecoparalysis. Solastalgia. Call it what you want— when it comes to climate change and mental health, the future is now. By Lawrence A. Palinkas , the Daily Climate Hardly a day goes by where we aren't reminded that the Earth's climate is changing and that we are responsible for much if not most of that change. The findings of one study after another are punctuated by breaking news or the direct experience of wildfires, hurricanes and floods that forced thousands of people to...

American Climate: Personal Stories of Shattered Lives

Rising temperatures are strengthening the destructive force of wildfires, hurricanes and floods, putting tens of millions of Americans at risk. Tens of thousands of Americans are already paying a high price, their lives shattered by climate calamities. Here are twenty-one of their stories. Found here:


By Jafet Serrato, Oct 24, 2019, for Action News BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. - The North Valley Community Foundation has been working on choosing where vital grant money should go after the Camp Fire. David Little is the executive vice president of the organization. "We are both giving direct assistance to fire survivors who need it, through our partners on the ground but also giving to agencies who need help in the longer term," Little said. The Butte County Sheriff's Office is one of those...

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