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The Climate Trauma Project

An ITRC Project. We build human resilience in the face of the encroaching individual, family and community stresses of climate change.

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ITRC Announces Spring 2020 Free 1 Hr. Webinars

Introduction to Transformational Resilience for Climate Traumas, Toxic Stresses, and Other Emergencies Date : Thursday, April 30 from 12 noon--1 pm Pacific Time (3-4 pm Eastern Time) Click here to register for this webinar The Coronavirus pandemic is causing significant stress and disorientation. The adversities provide a glimpse of the personal mental health and collective psycho-social-spiritual problems that will emerge as the climate emergency worsens. Although it is difficult to accept,...

Great pandemic resilience building activities for youth by ITRC CA steering committee member Lil Milagro Henriquez

I hope everyone is staying safe during these perilous times. I wanted to share some of the resources that Mycelium Youth Network is putting together. I'm extremely proud of the programming that we've put together and the community partners that we're working with for these projects. We've put together comprehensive youth and adult programming all designed with mental, socio-emotional, and physical resilience in mind. A full listing of classes can be accessed on our website . All of our youth...

Recommendations for preventing & healing pandemic generated mental health and psychosocial problems

Attached is a set of ITRC recommendations for swiftly organizing community-based initiatives to prevent and heal pandemic-generated mental health and psychosocial problems. If you find the recommendations helpful, please initiate the creation of a resilience coordinating council in your community or region. Please also pass the document on to other organizations and individuals that might find it useful. Thanks--and stay healthy during this stressful time, Bob Doppelt

'Overwhelming and Terrifying': The Rise of Climate Anxiety []

By Matthew Taylor and Jessica Murray, The Guardian, February 10, 2020 Over the past few weeks Clover Hogan has found herself crying during the day and waking up at night gripped by panic. The 20-year-old, who now lives in London, grew up in Queensland, Australia, cheekbyjowl with the country’s wildlife, fishing frogs out of the toilet and dodging snakes hanging from the ceiling. The bushfires ravaging her homeland over the past few weeks have taken their toll. “I’ve found myself bursting...

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