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Iowa ACEs Action connects individuals and communities across Iowa who are reducing adverse childhood experiences and the impact of toxic stress. This collaborative online community serves as the venue for sharing resources and best practices, and for launching discussion and open communication across all regions of our state.

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Local Affiliates Accelerate ACEs-and-Resilience Movement in Montana

In Toole County, Montana, deputy sheriffs call a school counselor, from their patrol cars, after responding to a traumatic incident—a domestic abuse call, an overdose, an arrest—that involves a child. “Handle with care,” they tell the counselor, and they give the child’s name. The counselor passes that information to teachers: a quiet heads-up that the student might be hungry or sleepy, tearful, angry or distracted by whatever happened at home. “My teachers love it,” says Mary Miller, chair...

Leistikow: Kirk Ferentz has power, voice to bring more than football wins to Iowa (

Kirk Ferentz publicly repeated a message Wednesday that he privately shared with his Iowa football players two days earlier. That he’s a 64-year-old white football coach. And that he’s still learning about the reality of racism and inequities in our country. More importantly, Ferentz has expressed to players and media this week that is he willing to listen. Willing to learn. Willing to change. Willing to act. Protests against police violence and racism were something Ferentz, the current...

From Awareness to Action, with Voices of Lived Experience: Wisconsin’s Collective Impact Initiative

Perhaps it wasn’t the optimum time to update the network’s vision and values statements: a virtual meeting held in the midst of a global pandemic. But a record number of people—51, compared to the typical 30—tuned in for the May 1 Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health (OCMH) Collective Impact Council, and they gave the new values statement, which highlights inclusivity and collaboration, an enthusiastic thumbs-up. At the virtual table were members from key state departments—Children...

Power of Networks Tapped for National Trauma Campaign

In a mid-April conference call led by the Campaign for Trauma Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP), participants from around the country—many of them active in ACEs, trauma and resilience networks—discussed the wave of trauma that is certain to slam communities in the wake of COVID-19. They also cheered a bit of hopeful news: the announcement of $3 billion in federal funding, the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund, a portion of the CARES Act. The funds are flexible block grants for...

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2015 Midwest Regional Summit

Lisa Cushatt
Please share here if you are from Iowa and attending the 2015 Midwest Regional Summit on Adverse Childhood Experiences in Chicago. We have a small group attending from Central Iowa, as well as a few other locations that we know of. For more on the...Read More...
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