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Iowa ACEs Action connects individuals and communities across Iowa who are reducing adverse childhood experiences and the impact of toxic stress. This collaborative online community serves as the venue for sharing resources and best practices, and for launching discussion and open communication across all regions of our state.

Sarah and Lisa, 


I have been impressed for sometime about how Iowa has moved on ACEs work. I lived in Carroll in 2012 and there wasn't this much movement at that time, I think you were all getting ready to take off  but there has been a lot since that time. I would like to see the same type of movement and growth in understanding of how important this work is and how important it  is to understand the ramifications of the ACEs study for the citizens of Michigan as well. 


Do either of you have any suggestions as to how a very dedicated person could bring the passion Iowa has to the State Level in Michigan? Thanks a Bunch !!!!!

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Hi Tina,

Our success has been due to the collective group of people coming together and committing to working together--philanthropy, government, human service and health providers, to name a few. Partnering together, and leading work from a collective impact approach, we have achieved a great deal in a short amount of time.

I am always happy to set up a conference call to answer questions about our work, and can also share more details on our strategic plan.  Just let me know if that is of interest!

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