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Wichita State University Community Engagement Institute - ACEs Connection (KS)

Kansas ACEs Connection is dedicated to connecting and supporting organizations, systems, and communities who are interested in better understanding the prevalence of ACEs and trauma, recognizing the impact that these have on individual and organizational health, and developing policies and practices that promote resiliency and healing.

Blog Posts

The Kansas Prevention Collaborative invites you to participate in 12 Days of Prevention

For 12 days in a row starting Dec. 20, we will post videos on our social media to encourage Kansans to stay safe, take care of their mental health, and reach out if they need help. You are not alone during this COVID-19 season. At the Kansas Prevention Collaborative, we are feeling what everyone is feeling and want to express our hope for the new year by encouraging our fellow Kansans to celebrate the lessons learned as we adapted in 2020 and to look forward to 2021. Help us expand our reach...


Today is World Kindness Day. A global day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. Goodness knows, it seems like we don't see or hear much kindness right now. Our world seems to be full of fear, anxiety, and doubt (also read as "survival" or "self-protection"). I've spent most of the last 6 months talking to partners across the state about ways to practice more compassion with ourselves and in our organizations and one thing that I hear pretty...

3 Realms of ACEs - Updated!

ACEs Connection has updated our 3 Realms of ACEs Graphic to represent recent and pressing events. The 3 Realms of ACEs are Community, Household, and Environment. ACEs in these realms intertwine throughout people’s lives, and affect the viability of families, communities, organizations, and systems. Environment has been updated to include "Pandemic", as the entire world continues to survive through the COVID-19 crisis. The Community Realm has been updated to include "Discrimination" and "Food...

NCBH Resource: Trauma-Informed, Recovery-Oriented System of Care Toolkit

In August, the National Council on Behavioral Health released a new toolkit to help organizations create sustainable system-wide change that addresses trauma and fosters recovery for the people they serve. More from the NCBH: The opioid crisis has affected families across the nation. Approximately 10.3 million people live with an opioid use disorder and there were more than 46,000 opioid-related overdose deaths in 2018. We know that trauma is a significant driver of substance use disorders...

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