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Got time for a little brainstorming with ACEsConnection?

On Friday, March 20, 2020, you're invited to join me to talk about how we, as a community, can continue to guide and educate ourselves about to deal with the effects of the spread of Covid-19, and how to continue those efforts with people who don't yet know about ACEs science. And, given this last week, how we can provide more support to stay in the front of our brains instead of feeding our amygdala.

Growing Resilient Communities 2.1 debuts! Thanks to our community, it’s better than ever!

Over the last 10 years, the number of people (millions), organizations (tens of thousands), and communities (high hundreds) who embrace ACEs science can blow your mind. But to solve our most intractable problems, all 34,000 communities in the U.S. need to integrate practices based on ACEs science. The fastest way is to start and grow an ACEs initiative, and we’ve got the tools and guidelines for that in our new Growing Resilient Communities 2.1, which debuts today.

ACEs : Harpurhey does it in Manchester! (UK)

I'm super grateful to Mcr City Council for developing this initiative as the results are beginning to show, and ( at last ) this is turning heads - see below I'm even more grateful to Gareth Nixon, the lead for this project here in Manchester. I was fortunate enough to meet with him again yesterday as he took the time from his busy schedule to hear where we are up to in Bury. It will come as no surprise to you all to know he really is working very hard to have ACEs, and trauma, acknowledged...

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