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Lancaster County ACEs & Resilience Connection (PA)

Working collaboratively with schools, business, healthcare, government agencies, social services, criminal justice systems, healthcare organizations & faith communities to become a trauma-informed community. We invite all concerned citizens, professionals & advocates to partner with us to raise awareness about trauma & its effects, to build resilience, and offer hope & healing.

Blog Posts

TIC Take Five: Five Senses Grounding Technique

This pandemic has aroused a swirl of really difficult feelings for virtually everyone. We may be feeling afraid, angry, anxious, confused, depressed, helpless, overwhelmed, sad, terrified, vulnerable, or any of a host of other emotions. Simply acknowledging what we’re feeling, allowing ourselves to feel these things, without judgment, is an important part of self-care. As I told the students in an online class I taught a few evenings ago: Please know this: whatever you are feeling in the...

TIC Take Five: Navigating through Grief: Supports for Ourselves and Others

In an article last week in Harvard Business Review, titled “That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief”, grief expert David Kessler names the multiple types of losses we’re experiencing in the midst of the current global COVID 19 pandemic: loss of normalcy, loss of a sense of safety, loss of work (for some), financial losses, loss of connection. As a result, many of us are going through stages of grief, individually and collectively. “There’s denial, which we say a lot of early on: This virus...

TIC Take Five: Walking: The Best Medicine

“Walking is the best medicine.” - Hippocrates (460 – 370 BC), Greek physician, widely regarded the "Father of Western Medicine" Under our current #StayAtHome orders, one of the few things we can still do outside of our homes is take a walk. And it turns out Hippocrates was right. Modern research has shown walking really IS good medicine - improving our physical health, boosting our immune system, increasing longevity, preventing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression...

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