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ACEsConnectionCommunitiesLancaster County ACEs & Resilience Connection (PA)

Lancaster County ACEs & Resilience Connection (PA)

Working collaboratively with schools, business, healthcare, government agencies, social services, criminal justice systems, healthcare organizations & faith communities to become a trauma-informed community. We invite all concerned citizens, professionals & advocates to partner with us to raise awareness about trauma & its effects, to build resilience, and offer hope & healing.

Contagious Self-Care Mini Podcast Series - 30 days of self-care


As we navigate through these uncertain times, self care has never been more important to our well-being.

To that end, we've created a mini-podcast series titled "Contagious Self Care"  consisting of short audio messages (mini-podcast style), each of which features a simple self-care practice. Each audio message is between 2 - 6 minutes long.  To access the full series (30 days worth), click here:

Peace. Be well. And remember to practice good self-care on a daily basis.

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