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Learn4Life Staff Learns De-Escalation Techniques

At a recent Professional Development (PD), staff and teachers at Learn4Life resource centers throughout the San Fernando Valley and Northern Los Angeles County, learned about de-escalation techniques. The PD provided the staff with resources designed to equip them to organize their thinking and calmly respond to and effectively de-escalate situations to avoid a potential crisis. The techniques they learned included:


  1. Defining the behavior and how to approach a situation
  2. QTIP! (Quit Taking It Personal)
  3. How to interpret nonverbal behaviors
  4. And verbal intervention tips and techniques




•      Remain calm

•      Isolate situation

•      Enforce limits

•      Listen

•      Be aware of non-verbals

•      Be consistent

•      Breathe!

•      Have a plan

•      Allow time

•      Work in a team

•      Overreact

•      Get in a power struggle

•      Make false promises

•      Fake attention

•      Be threatening

•      Use jargon



The team also looked at what the escalation cycle looks like and how best to handle each stage.



 Feedback from the teachers and staff was very positive and included comments such as:


“Being able to openly collaborate with all team members on these techniques was very helpful.”


“The information about best reactions to students in the process and resources for our students was helpful.”


“The group discussions helped me process and see how I can apply this information.”




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