Maryland Becomes the 8th State in the Country to Pass ACE-Informed Legislation this year


Just listened to ACEs Connection & 4CAKids Webinar on state legislation addressing legislation.  With Governor Hogan's signing of HB 1582 (a State Health Director for Children within Child Welfare), Maryland became the eighth state to pass ACE-Informed legislation in 2018 according to the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)!  Many thanks to the lead sponsor of the bill Delegate CT Wilson, the Chairs and Members of the Appropriations and Finance Committee, Members of both chambers who passed the bill unanimously, and Governor Hogan for signing the bill into law.  The bill provides oversight by a medical director of the physical, mental and dental health needs of children within the child welfare system, including an electronic health passport for children in foster care to track their health care and outcomes.

Maryland turned from purple to green with the passage of HB 1582

Additional thanks go to the members of the State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect (SCCAN) and Maryland Essentials for Childhood (MD EFC)-Maryland Chapter of the Academy of Pediatrics, The Family Tree, Citizens Review Board for Children, Venable, LLC, Maryland Mental Health Association, Legal Aid, On Our Own Maryland, Hyzer Group, LLC, Baltimore Child Abuse Center, Coalition to Protect Maryland's Children, and Advocates for Children & Youth, as well as many private citizens) for developing the recommendations that were the basis of the legislation, creating fact sheets to support the legislation, and, providing compelling testimony that got the bill passed!


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