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I was about to post information about the last meeting of the Thriving Communities Collaborative (TCC) when I realized that I hadn’t taken the time to introduce the collaborative to the Maryland ACES Group.  We are a coalition of advocates, practitioners, community members and leaders dedicated to leveraging the power of ACES screening and trauma informed practices to help build a more empowered Baltimore.

The group began meeting back in December, 2015, and of course, since that time a lot has happened – most notably, the Baltimore Uprising. 

It was in the wake of that uprising that we sought to dig deeper into healing practices for communities and some of the strategies and tactics that the City of Baltimore and the Black Mental Health Alliance had begun implementing to help bring about that healing. We delved into healing circles, emotional emancipation circles, and community outreach. Jan Desper Peters of the Black Mental Health Alliance reviewed their Call-to-Action Series: #BlackLivesMatter - Baltimore Rising:  Summoning the Village.  Lynn Mumma of Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore reviewed the City's initiatives in becoming more trauma informed, and Ivan Juzang walked the group through his webinar on Community Engagement.  We’ve posted much of what was discussed on the TCC blog, Focusing on Healing and Community Outreach. We hope you'll check it out and, if you can, join us in our next planning session on October 7th. We've posted the event here on the event calendar.

Healing and Community Engagement TCC Meeting


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Yes - I would love to meet up with you sometime and talk.  I have a course in Columbia on Tuesday evenings (6:45 - 9pm).  I could meet you somewhere in Columbia that day (afternoon), if that would work.  Otherwise, we'll have to pick a day on the calendar that works for both of us.  Thursdays I have a course in Montgomery County, so that day is pretty much spoken for.  Right now I am searching for placement, which is taking up more of my precious free time!  I've had two interviews - one of them has been extended to include a staff group meeting, so I can get a sense of how the organization functions.  The other has offered me placement.  The third and final meeting is October 26th.  I will be happy when this part of grad school is decided, as I'd like to get back to my classes and focus on what I need to learn there.  It's a busy and exciting time for me.


Let me know what might work for you.  We'll figure something out.

Brenda Gregory Yuen


Hi Brenda, 

Thanks for your comment!  I actually won't be at the Kennedy Krieger Institute's Conference, though several of us will be attending "The Body Keeps the Score" next week w/Bessel van der Kolk next week in Towson.

I work with the Baltimore group but live in Howard County & would love to see a bigger presence here also.  You are welcome to attend any of the meetings, or if you would like to just get together over lunch or coffee, I'm open to that too. Our website is at, I'm trying to keep both it & acesconnection updated.

All the best,



Thank you SO much for posting about your TCC group!  I had no idea we had such an active community in Baltimore (good to see leadership really determined to bring help and healing to the urban communities who desperately need direction, connection, and information.

I live in North Potomac, MD - in Montgomery County - and I can see where something like this would be so useful here as well.  Perhaps sometime I can join you and get some hands-on background on how you formed and what kinds of community advocates to reach out to in order to get help to the same urban groups here in Montgomery County.  It's great to know there's some activity surrounding trauma-informed education already springing up.

Will you by any chance be at the Kennedy Krieger Institute's Trauma Throughout the LifeSpan Conference in the next two days?  I will be there all day on Friday.

Thank you again, for forging ahead in your own hurting communities in Baltimore.  I really respect your efforts.


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