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February 2019

Unconditional care begins with good self care

I'm pleased to share information on our next training in our series on trauma informed strategies for the community! In April, we will focus on how addressing issues of self-care and self-awareness lead to the outcomes we all ar e striving for children, families and neighborhoods. In the same way dirt gets under the gardener's nail, trauma work has an impact. Join us as we focus on finding balance and understanding the importance of self-awareness so that we can best provide unconditional...

Maryland Essentials for Childhood Hosts Advocacy Day at the State Capital

Maryland Essentials for Childhood, a statewide initiative educating policy makers and communities on the science of ACEs, developing brains, and how we can build resilience for children, families and communities in Maryland, is poised to meet with Maryland elected officials this coming Thursday, ,February 7th, 9-1 pm. We will educate legislators on the science and policies that reduce or mitigate ACEs and other childhood trauma. Key policies being considered by the General Assembly are:...

Great resource to search ACEs-related legistlation, bills & resolutions (by state)

Hi Everyone: Just wanted to share a few tools. Did you know there's a database on the National State Legislators site where you can search by state and by ACEs? Here's the link to this amazing tool. Here's what the database looks like. Did you know you can find ACEs and Ti laws and resolutions on a page of the Mapping the Movement tool? This is maintained by our technology lead, @Samantha Sangenito ACEs Connection Staff. Just be sure to click on the state you're interested in to see the bills and...

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