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From The Ford Family Foundation, April 2021 I N S I D E Mental health: Network of professionals aim to help infants/toddlers Disparities: Latino community suffers from disproportionate COVID infections, mortality Ford Scholar: An advocate for mitigating health risks Ag-tech: Farmer-centric solutions Wildfire Report: An ‘allhands’ approach needed. Hallie Ford Fellows: In the national spotlight Book Review: Mabel and the Fire [ Please click here to read more .]

Prioritizing Equity Video Series: COVID-19 & Trauma-Informed Approaches

The AMA produces weekly podcasts "Prioritizing Equity" and recently focused on COVID-19 & Trauma-Informed Approaches recognizing that to respect health justice, health care leaders and their organizations must perform their duties with an understanding of the impact trauma has on their community members. Panel L. Toni Lewis, MD—President and founder, Liberation Health Strategies; co-founder, Health Equity Cypher Nadia Richardson, PhD—DEI trainer; mental health advocate; professor of UAB...

Seize the Awkward

Starting a conversation with someone about mental health can be uncomfortable. The reality is, taking the time & having the courage to interact with someone can make ALL the difference. This fantastic website, Seize the Awkward , is filled with information, helpful how-to's, & hot lines designed to equip us with better ways to have those chats. If you haven’t checked out their website yet, it’s well worth a look! Head over to “Anything that’s human is...

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