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Improve Our Connections


Hello and thank you for taking the risk of joining another social media. . .

I respect your limited time and precious energy so try to keep this site as economic as possible. Our community is in dire need of consilience and this tool may be the best way to create that shared effort. Please feel free to email me if you have a topic or event that you feel should be shared. You can also add to the blog with your own post.

I am always available by text, email, or phone if you would like to chat. Our community is making great efforts to address suicide, and we have an opportunity to step upstream and address the underlying causes. By applying EBP like Good Behavior Games or Sources of Strength in schools, we can help kids develop resiliency skills. By expanding the Resilience Film Project, we can bring awareness of toxic stress to the general public--who should be equal partners with direct providers and public agencies in the fight to improve the quality of our community.

Please share this with your peers as you find appropriate.

Peace to Thrive,

Michael Polacek, MSn, RN-BC (yes, the great state of NY says it's a small "n")


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