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Road Map to Trauma Informed Care [Trauma Informed Oregon]


Programs, organizations, and systems that make a commitment to implementation will differ in many ways–from the service context, to the motivation for change, to hoped-for outcomes, and resources available. Nonetheless, in a developmental way, implementation moves through a number of common steps that we’ve tried to reflect in the Road Map below. The Trauma Informed Care Screening Tool (found below the Road Map) builds on the Road Map by delving into each phase and offering a series of developmental actions within each step. These tools go hand in hand.

To learn more about each phase of implementing trauma informed care hover your mouse over sections on the road and then click to navigate to pages that offer more information by providing examples of what the actions entail and potential ways to measure your progress. This information will align with the actions of the Trauma Informed Care Screening Tool.

TIO roadmap
For more information, and additional resources, click HERE and see attached to view the Fact Sheet.
TIO graphic


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