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Salem Youth ERA Drop in and Support for Young People


Sean Moriarty is the Program Manager and leads an amazing program for young people in the Salem area.  Here is a quick overview:

Youth ERA has participated and advocated on Mental Health Panels at the request of the county and high schools to provide information about Peer support and how to access it within the community to the students and parents of the Salem Keizer School District. Additionally, at the request of Sprague High school, Youth ERA provided peer support specialist for additional grieving rooms, and have created access to peer support at Central High School during school hours to engage with youth who have limited transportation to Salem.

Our peer support specialists are advocates for the promotion of mental health within our community by utilizing and developing natural supports to enhance the tools youth need to meet the challenges they face. Using our partnerships as leverage, Youth ERA was able to secure a grant from the Lines for Life foundation in order to open up the Salem Drop-in Center on the weekends to provide additional support to the grieving students affected by the completed suicides, which ran from late October through November. Youth ERA continues to advocate for transitional age youth by attending various coordination committees, and a commitment to the Zero Suicide initiative. 

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Sean Moriarty
Program Manager, Youth ERA (Previously Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon)
246 State St, Salem, OR 97301

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