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Self-care leadership

Join the SELF-Leadership Cohort

Your inner-state makes all the difference, as a care provider and/or leader.  We are in a time of disruptive change that has us challenged and facing higher stress loads.  We can turn to the N.E.A.R. Sciences to help us upgrade our practices for navigating change (N.E.A.R. = Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs, and Resilience).   Are you ready for new strategies and self-care practices?  Join the six-week SELF-Leadership Cohort.  The cohort launches June 9th with weekly cohort sessions, daily 10 minute guided practices and awareness minutes.

The Washington State ACEs and Resilience Community of Practice (COP), in 2018, surveyed members from across the state.  One of the key needs was Self-care practices.   We needed to have a space to do our personal inner work of transformation so we can foster change in the communities and organizations we serve.

Teresa Posakony developed SELF-Leadership to meet the need.  Teresa is a leadership development consultant and facilitator who worked with communities across Washington and globally since 2003.   Teresa is also a partner and trainer for the Community Resilience Initiative (CRI).   CRI’s trauma informed training emphasizes β€œRecognizing your own Internal State” as the first step in their R.O.L.E.S. Model.  SELF-Leadership helps individuals develop this key capacity and skill!   Teresa also brings forward some of the latest research in the brain science including Polyvagal Theory and neuro-somatic practice.

Week 1-3: Exercise our Stress Responses Less

Week 1: Train the Observer

Week 2: Accept that I feel that way

Week 3: Activate the relaxation response

Week 4-6: Exercise our Resilience and Whole Brain Intelligence More

Week 4: Practice the pivot from fear to love, from react to respond

Week 5: Expand my Resilience and sense of Self

Week 6: Focus attention and thoughts on what I want to create

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