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Working with trauma: How First Responders and Law Enforcement cope with dangers of the job [KMTR 16]


LANE COUNTY, Ore. - Sunday's shooting highlights the importance of getting help after a traumatic experience while on duty.

The Eugene chapter of Reboot Alliance gives those in the line of duty personalized courses designed for those coping with trauma from the job.

Since starting, roughly 200 people have graduated from the program, creating a community and a place of healing.

Many first responders and veterans suffer from traumatic experiences and the PTSD resulting from it.

“The tendency for most people that are involved in these kind of incidents is to self isolate because they don't want anybody to know they're having trouble because that could end their careers,” said Chris Adsit, the Northwest Coordinator for Reboot Alliance.

That's why Adsit says it's crucial to not bottle up your feelings but to share and learn from one another.

“A lot of times, a person doesn't feel comfortable about talking with somebody that hasn't experienced the level of stress and trauma they have,” he said.

That's where the Reboot and First Line programs step in. The 12 week courses give students tools to manage their symptoms and recover.

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