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May 2019

Road Map to Trauma Informed Care [Trauma Informed Oregon]

Programs, organizations, and systems that make a commitment to implementation will differ in many ways–from the service context, to the motivation for change, to hoped-for outcomes, and resources available. Nonetheless, in a developmental way, implementation moves through a number of common steps that we’ve tried to reflect in the Road Map below. The Trauma Informed Care Screening Tool (found below the Road Map) builds on the Road Map by delving into each phase and offering a series of...

How does a regional healthcare organization integrate trauma-informed care?

Slowly, but at warp speed. That’s what it feels like to take on educating 16,000 staff member in 21 hospitals that serve 29 counties, says Becky Haas, trauma informed administrator for Ballad Health. Turning around a culture, especially a health culture that’s more familiar with doing things the “traditional” way rather than embracing change, will take time and lots of repetition.

What If We Could Reach Families Before the Crisis? There Would Be Fewer Kids in Foster Care []

It’s no secret that our foster care system is overburdened. More than 250,000 children enter foster care each year. We don’t have enough foster families to meet this demand, and we don’t have enough adoptive families either. At the end of 2017, 123,000 kids around the country were still waiting to be adopted into a family. But what if the only answer isn’t recruiting more foster and adoptive parents? Are there other things we can do? What if the answer is recruiting more communities to get...

Virtual Screening of Cracked Up for ACEs Connection Members: June 9-10 - Register Now!

We are excited to offer an exclusive virtual screening to all ACEs Connection members of the new, acclaimed film, CRACKED UP . This documentary film is about the long term effects of childhood trauma, told through Saturday Night Live veteran Darrell Hammond’s journey in discovering adverse childhood experiences at the root of his lifelong battle with self-harm, addiction, and misdiagnosis. The film’s director, Michelle Esrick, and other special guests will join us after the screening window...

Liberty House Protecting Children and Helping them to Thrive

Liberty House has played a powerful role in the community since 1999 as a child abuse assessment center and agent of change serving Marion and Polk counties. They provide high-quality assessment services to children who may have been hurt by sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect special assessment services in a safe, comfortable, child-friendly environment and child-focused, With compassion and expertise, medical providers conduct complete medical examinations for the children coming to...

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