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MS ACEs Community is a diverse group of individuals from a cross sector of organizations and agencies dedicated to supporting and advocating for continuous trauma-informed care for all children and families in the state

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Fighting for Mississippi’s struggling 5-year-olds, one student at a time [hechingerreport.org]

VAUGHAN, Miss. — When Antroine Anderson started kindergarten in this close-knit rural town last August, he knew just three words by sight. He mistook H for G, confused L and I and identified M as F. Accustomed to being called AJ by his family, Antroine didn’t recognize his name in print. His mother, Janice Barton, felt ashamed when she learned some of his peers were already writing their names — until she learned many others weren’t prepared for kindergarten either. In Antroine’s school...

Virtual Screening of Broken Places on March 21st & Registration for ACEs Connection Members!

Please join us on Thursday, March 21st for a special virtual screening of Broken Places , the latest U.S. documentary on early childhood trauma and resilience. The film will be offered via a private Vimeo link with passcode to all registered members of ACEs Connection, for free, accessible in the United States and internationally. REGISTER TODAY: To register, please visit : https://goo.gl/forms/apdoINwgtQmydEXK2 The viewing portal for the film will open on Vimeo at 6am EST and close at 11pm...

Mississippi in the bottom tier of states in supporting babies and toddlers [hechingerreport.org]

The first three years of a child’s life are the most critical for brain development, yet Mississippi has done too little to support this cognitive evolution. The state needs to improve its policies to ensure children are in good health, have stable homes and have access to early learning opportunities. Those are the findings of a new report, the State of Babies Yearbook 2019 , released by the nonprofits Zero to Three and ChildTrends. The authors of the report analyzed state policies and...

Nine Simple Trauma-Informed Gestures for Educators

The promotion of trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed schools has grown tremendously in education. Broadly speaking, trauma-informed schools maintain a framework whereby the entire school staff maintains awareness of the impacts of toxic stress and trauma, and strive to ensure that all students feel safe, supported, and connected. Such awareness and motivation among educators and caregivers to promote such a framework presents multiple opportunities to change the lives of students and help...

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