Let's #LeadTheEvolution Together!

I see you leading the evolution with your hard work & your heart work! You might wonder what I mean by leading the evolution...

If you join the film screening and community conversation on Feb 15, you’ll learn that most of us have experienced some kind of trauma or adversity. The science shows us how trauma impacts our brain and future health and well-being, but more profoundly, how it changes our DNA and gets passed through the generations.

We are really beginning to see how evolution works and it happens primarily through relationships and our environment.

The bad news? The mechanisms of adaptability become maladaptive when we are not cooperative and intentional.


Our cultural and community systems are not designed with intentional evolution in mind. Many people are suffering trying to squeeze into systems that go against our biological desire to heal and cooperate.


It’s time to Stop letting the system lead us and lead the system.


The good news? Psychological and physical suffering isn't our destiny and our DNA doesn’t predetermine it. We have the opportunity to heal and evolve with intention!


It’s OUR culture; it’s ours to change.


We can be an army of courageous love. We can build a system that brings out the gifts every person has to give our society. 


I see you already working for this change. Help by joining a community of practice and share with others


...How YOU #LeadTheEvolution?


Join these online spaces to participate:

Monadnock Thrives Community of Practice

Monadnock Thrives on Facebook

Monadnock Thrives on Twitter


Register for the launch event to participate in person:

Resilience Film Screening & Community Discussion


Share this message far and wide to anyone you see doing their part to #LeadTheEvolution




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