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A Blueprint to Help Communities Promote Equity []

Change is not easy and it takes time. It can be especially challenging when we’re working to change policies and systems that have been in place for decades. But we know change is necessary because many people in America still face discrimination, live in poverty, and do not have the basics they need to be healthy. We also know that some places are making progress to replace policies that are driving inequities with new policies that can help close health gaps. Places like Newark, N.J.,...

Children need stress-busters even more than adults []

I was talking with an acquaintance about childhood in today’s world, compared to a typical childhood of a couple of generations ago. We both came to the conclusion that things were a lot easier back then or, at least it seemed that way. Keep in mind that this conclusion came from two guys who entered the world during the Eisenhower administration, for what that’s worth. Them the subject of “ACE”s came up. I was not really familiar with the acronym, which stands for “adverse childhood...

Unconditional Care

Join us in Hagerstown, MD, for the next training in our series focused on trauma informed strategies for the community! Unconditional Care features three dynamic speakers focused on how addressing issues of self- care and self-awareness lead to the outcomes we all are striving for children, families and neighborhoods. Group rates are available for organizations registering ten or more attendees, contact Kerry Fair at 240-513-6370 or to arrange. Our last several trainings...

Understanding Trauma's Impact on Learning (

The principal of a small elementary school in central Massachusetts was approached by his staff with a request. They asked about their school becoming more responsive to trauma owing to the number of children in their classrooms who seemed to be facing adversity in their lives The principal met with the school nurse and the school district psychologist who was assigned to work with students at his rural school to discuss the matter. Together, they reviewed the records of students who were...

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