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Musical on trauma healing to be performed in NYC

Trauma is everywhere in art. In movies, songs, stories and novels, writers and performers create characters who go through terrible, difficult things and who then respond to the world and other people in it in all the challenging ways we know. Past trauma is a convenient shorthand to explain a character's anger, depression, addiction or bad behavior. In 2013, I was frustrated by the lack of trauma healing shown in art. Where are the songs, stories and films that show the real story, that...

I'll Cry Later; A.C.E. Trauma Scores, Addiction, #MeToo, Prostitution and S.O.L. Reform

A woman's body was found last winter in an area of our city known for drug use, prostitution and crime. This time it is personal. This woman and her brother used to play with my own child. I'm not just heartbroken that my nephew, and now my niece, have both died in this opiate crisis that is so severe it has actually lowered America's life expectancy. I want to help. Two years ago I was introduced to Ms. Melanie Blow of Stop Abuse Campaign and she has proven to be a wonderful source of...

The Cops Standing With, and For, the Gay Communities They Serve (

Since 1982, the Gay Officers Action League has moved to put a dark chapter in the NYPD's past behind them, while bridging divides between themselves and the people they're sworn to protect. Not long after New York City police Detective Brian Downey slides into a corner seat at Philip Marie, a restaurant serving American comfort classics in Manhattan's West Village, the owner drops by. He's all smiles as he shakes Downey's hand, welcoming him back for the umpteenth time. "This place is good...

2018 ACEs Symposium phenomenal advancement, prompts more questions (

Albany – May 7th was a milestone day for the discussion of ACEs in Albany and the Capital Region!! LaSalle School hosted the fifth annual ACEs Symposium in the Empire State Plaza’s Convention Center welcoming 1,500 anxious to hear from keynoters – noted ACE advocate, author and pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris, MD and documentary film maker James Redford. Dr. John Bennett, chief executive officer of the event’s major sponsor, CDPHP, welcomed the crowd. Members from CDPHP and fellow event...

How to Build a Better Jail (

Rikers Island, the infamous and isolated jail complex located off the coastline of New York City, is officially being shut down. And in its place is the possibility of new community jails that are designed, specifically, for better treatment of inmates. In conjunction with closing Riker’s 10 jails, an independent commission last year recommended the city open smaller facilities — called “justice hubs” — that would be located next to local courts and integrated into existing neighborhoods.

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