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Healthy and resilient kids, families, and communities are the foundation for a flourishing, vibrant region. We are dedicated to creating a trauma-informed Michigan and working together across sectors to share our efforts in building resilience and reducing toxic stress for Michigan children and families.

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12 Myths of the Science of ACEs

The two biggest myths about ACEs science are: MYTH #1 — That it’s just about the 10 ACEs in the ACE Study — the CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study . It’s about sooooo much more than that. MYTH #2 — And that it’s just about ACEs…adverse childhood experiences. These two myths are intertwined. The ACE Study issued the first of its 70+ publications in 1998, and for many people it was the lightning bolt, the grand “aha” moment, the unexpected doorway into a blazing new...

Spectrum Health Launches School-Based Telehealth Pilot Program (mhealthintelligence.com)

Michigan’s Spectrum Health is piloting a school-based telehealth program that aims to give rural high school students better access to telemental health services. Greenville Public Schools is partnering with the Grand Rapids-based health system to give students at the high school access to a Master’s-level social worker through a telemedicine portal. The counselor, working out of Spectrum Health’s Lakeview Youth Clinic, can schedule as many as a half-dozen virtual visits a day with students...

Jones: Day 2: Soda, cigarettes and trauma: How Adverse Childhood Experiences alter brain chemistry, cultivate unhealthy habits and prompt premature death

Patients would carry soda into Dr. Gerard Clancy’s office, with cigarettes tucked away for after therapy. Often victims of abuse or violent crime, they would seek soothing but risky behaviors to cope. Overweight. Chronic pain. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Type II diabetes. His former patients will die younger than they should, he said. Clancy conducted therapy sessions until he became president of the University of Tulsa in 2016. At his psychiatry clinic, he saw firsthand how a...

Thriving—Beyond Surviving: Resiliency After Trauma (www.phoenix-society.org)

"We studied what it meant to be “mentally tough” and what characteristics the mentally tough athlete possessed. Characteristics of Mentally Tough Performers Cope more easily with setbacks Have control over anxiety and use it productively Have higher self-confidence Use more positive self-talk Have a positive outlook on the future Set specific goals and visualize accomplishing goals Have a support network" "But the reality is that the majority of people who experience stressful or traumatic...


Basic Presentations for Rural Communities - What are you doing in MI? - Can we change the Name of this group?

Hi Fellow ACE prevention and Community Resilience Building Advocates across the state of Michigan. I have some basic questions. I am doing my best working through an organization called MiTeam of Huron-Tuscola counties. (If anyone is associated with the Genessee/Lapeer County MiTeam on this page, could you send me a private message? I would like to see how you are approaching this subject and working across silos.) We need to develop "curriculum" or "training" (I put these words in...Read More...
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MiTeam - Do You have this in your community? How can we make MiTeam better?

Do you have MiTeam in your community? Have you heard about MiTeam? In my community in a rural MI county, our trauma-informed efforts have been directed to MiTeam. I have found it difficult to work grass roots through this route. What have you experienced? I wanted to introduce other members of Northern Michigan ACEs to MiTeam and get feedback on how it is working in building Trauma Informed Communities in your community? How can we improve MiTeam efforts throughout the state? Here is a MDHHS...Read More...
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How to Spread the ACE (Toxic Stress) Word in Michigan?

I love this by the Philadelphia ACE Task Force -- So I am copying it here: This Post is by Leslie Lieberman - Philadelphia ACE Task Force. Thanks Leslie!!! Last year the Philadelphia ACE Task Force created a work group to focus on how to educate...Read More...