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Healthy and resilient kids, families, and communities are the foundation for a flourishing, vibrant region. We are dedicated to creating a trauma-informed Michigan and working together across sectors to share our efforts in building resilience and reducing toxic stress for Michigan children and families.

Healing without Harming: A Coaching Approach to Trauma & Resilience

Traverse City, Michigan

Healing without Harming: A Coaching Approach to Trauma & Resilience

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study has become widely known in providing a foundation for medical and service providers to better understand the consequences of childhood trauma and how to mitigate their impact. The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study helps move those working with individuals, parents, families, children to a place of being informed. This workshop provides the next step - Providing practical skills for everyone in your organization to implement immediately in their practice. These skills focus on learning a trauma informed/coaching based form of communication. 


  1. Understand how the information from evidenced-based trauma/adversity research can be translated into skills used daily for better outcomes 
  2. Practice and learn the Coaching Model of communication
  3. Understand how self-care is essential to implementing trauma informed service
  4. Understand how team care is essential to implementing trauma informed service

Format: lecture, discussion, small group activities, individual-reflective activities

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will gain an overview of the evidenced-based trauma/adversity research
  • Participants will gain an overview of the concept of Resilience and how it forms
  • Participants will understand the Trauma Care Stages
  • Participants will learn the link between self-care and implementing trauma informed service
  • Participants will learn how self-care is different than stress relief  
  • Participants will learn the importance of personal trauma awareness is and how personal trauma/adversity can impact clients
  • Participants will have an opportunity to begin creating self-care plans
  • Participants will gain an overview and have opportunities to practice the Coaching Model of service to create better outcomes for clients
  • Participants will understand why community care is important and how understanding trauma/adversity can serve to unite
  • Participants will understand how community care sustains the use of trauma informed care in the community

RECOMMENDED FOR: Foster & Adoptive Parents, CASA and other high risk youth volunteers, Social Workers, Teachers, Court Employees (Staff), Attorneys, Judges, Board Members of Non Profits, Physcians, Physcian Assistants, Nurses, HR Managers and all those who work with those impacted by trauma (hint-it's everyone). 

For more information, and to purchase tickets visit:


701 Westminster Ave., Traverse City, MI

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