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Michigan ACEs Action (MI)

Healthy and resilient kids, families, and communities are the foundation for a flourishing, vibrant region. We are dedicated to creating a trauma-informed Michigan and working together across sectors to share our efforts in building resilience and reducing toxic stress for Michigan children and families.

NE Michigan Trauma-Informed Presentation to Alpena HSCC

Alpena Regional Hospital Theater - By the Library Resource Center

I will be discussing with the Human Services Coordinating Counsel ACEs, Toxic Stress, Trauma-Informed and Resilience Building Practices and letting the Counsel know of our activities in the Community and with the Alpena Schools

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I know this event is over but I want to encourage others to give community college presentations on ACEs and Toxic Stress:  


This was my response after the event:


Hi Dr. Hahn,

Hope you are having a relaxing week-end. So far, pretty nice weather but it sure does feel like fall. I wanted to thank you, once again, for the information you provided our nursing students this past Thursday. The ACE's presentation was not only interesting and certainly relevant to any type of nursing our students may gravitate into, but it  generates necessary discussion and attention to these issues and how this effects the individual, family and society in personal and financial terms. In short, the information was excellent and you presented the issue very well. I've received feed-back from many of our students who appreciated the information....and we all thank you for giving your time to our program. 

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