ACE Billboard in Philadelphia?

ACEs Billboard Montana croppedLast year the Philadelphia ACE Task Force created a work group to focus on how to educate the community about ACEs and resilience.  Over the last few months this work group has been working with some local and and national experts and community members to develop "compelling messages about ACEs that catch on."   Today I was re-reading some old posts on ACEs Connection (where you can find lots of great information) and found this suggestion for ACE education from Todd Garrison of Childwise in Montana

Create curiosity. When people are curious about something they will seek the information themselves -- which has a much higher impact on learning about that which they are curious. That's what ChildWise Institute did by creating billboards with a website where they can get their own ACE score ( You can see the billboard on our website ( had the billboards up for only 30 days, but we also created (4'x8") hard stock cards of the billboard that we hand out with facts about ACEs on the back. Since we posted the billboards and havebeen handing out the cards, we havehad about 450 people that have gotten their own ACE scores and started learning about ACEs..


Could this work in Philadelphia?  What are you thoughts?  Other thoughts about how we can get our message that ACEs matter out to more people?


We will keep you updated on developments of our work group and seek  your input as we develop and test our messaging strategies.




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If a race you want. I'm pushing for the same campaign in Wester New York. Let's see who gets there first.  This is my take on the message. Also would insert a picture.






And we have so many rural places with empty billboards (i.e. there is just a white sheet on them --- I am wondering anyone got a creative idea of approaching these folks and seeing if they would allow someone to put a similar message on them --- maybe take it off their taxes???).  I am always looking for ways to get the message out for cheep since we have no money and I am not rich.  


There are probably a lot of empty bill boards in Pennsylvania that could also be used for education.


Any suggestions?


PS Thanks Leslie. 


I am Copying this for the Michigan Group to attempt to generate ideas.