Aligning Systems for Health: 2019 Call for Proposals []


By Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, November 1, 2019

Required Components

Aligning Systems for Health will explore the degree to which health equity is impacted or results from current models of collaboration incorporating health care, public health, and social services. Gaps in health are large, persistent and increasing, and RWJF is committed to a system that meets people’s goals and needs and addresses these gaps that many populations face. Studies should include a focus on health equity by examining how cross-sector alignment can advance the opportunity for everyone to have a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. RWJF will offer and encourage awardees to take advantage of opportunities to build equity as a core practice within the first six months of the grant period.

A key role of Aligning Systems for Health is turning evidence into action. Grantees will be expected to participate actively both in research dissemination and translation mechanisms organized by GHPC and RWJF, including blogs, podcasts, research meetings, and policy briefings, among others.

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