Healing 10 and Camden Healthy Start will host full day training on April 11

Healing 10 and Camden Healthy Start are pleased to announce Trauma Informed Care: From Awareness to Practice. This year's event will focus on the implementation of trauma informed practices in Camden City, NJ, and the surrounding area. The event is targeting frontline staff  and supervisors who want to gain tools to implement trauma informed practices.

Keynote speaker is Dr. Linda Henderson Smith, Director of Children and Trauma Informed Services at the National Council for Behavioral Health. Breakout sessions will feature professionals experienced in implementing trauma informed practices.

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Keynote Address by  Linda Henderson Smith

Break Out Session Tools and Takeaway

Creating a Culture of Compassion through Trauma-Informed Supervision - Lisa Henderson Smith

  • Behavioral health and community services work is complex and challenging.  To further complicate matters, staff often have their own trauma histories which they bring to the work and are impacted by the work of serving people with trauma histories.  Join this session to learn how trauma-informed supervision addresses workforce concerns and helps leaders understand and effectively respond to staffs’ trauma reactions.

Care for the Carer-  Ginny DeLong

  • If you work in a care-giving profession, you'll need to recharge your batteries so you have enough energy available to give to others. Give yourself permission to meet your own needs, recognizing that this will not only enhance your quality of life, it will also enhance your ability to be there for those that rely on you," Kristen Neff from www.self-compassion.org. This brief workshop will discuss ways to take care of yourself so that you can more fully help those you serve, focusing on Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Psychological First Aid- Barb Maronski

  • Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an evidenced informed approach built on the concept of human resilience.  PFA helps reduce stress reactions by providing additional support to children, teens, adults, families, and communities who have been exposed to a traumatic or emergency incident, natural disaster, or even a personal crisis.  PFA provides a framework for offering care, comfort, and support in time of distress.  PFA is a universal tool that can be used by anyone working with individuals during troubled times. PFA can be provided in any setting where trauma survivors can be found – shelters, schools, hospitals, private homes, agencies, and community settings. This workshop will provide you with an overview of the core practices and skills to apply PFA in your setting.

The Power of Empathic Listening in Healing Trauma and Reducing Stress- Stephen Michael Tumolo and Terrie Lewine

  • Listening well has the power to activate the body’s natural powers of healing for both the listened-to and the listener. This workshop will briefly identify research that supports the role of empathy in healing trauma and reducing stress, model core skills for empathic listening, and practice these skills, inviting an experience of the power of empathic listening.

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