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To my Philadelphia ACEs Team, if you haven't heard from me in a while it's because I've been healing in the wake of secondary trauma and compassion fatigue from operating my van service to the prisons and creating a program for women who support an incarcerated loved one called, Real Resilience. Yes, I really did both simultaenously, with no staff (just lil ole' me), and it drained all my strength, emotionally and physically.  But, I'm proud to report that I've figured out the best way for me and so many other women who share in the journey of loving someone on the inside to come out on top of this!
You know what I did? I started a Podcast.  Battling compassion fatigue, I also realized that within the narrative of criminal justice reform, women are somehow being left out of the conversation and this is my way of adding them in the narrative.
So, without futher ado, I present to you the Real Resilience P.W.L. (Prison Wife Life) podcast!  Here, you will hear firsthand experiences from women who have faced the vicarious trauma of incarceration but have remained resilient in through it all. 
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P.S. This is good stuff!

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Thanks for this post and the often untold stories of women & their children whose lives are changed by incarceration of a loved one, and who have to work to fund the costs of incarceration. Your video is a powerful introduction to what led to the podcasts.  This led me to look for more on the ACE of incarceration and what is going on in our geographic area right now.

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