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Women's March on Philadelphia this Saturday


On Saturday, January 21, 2017, Philadelphia will unite with Washington, D.C. and over 150 cities around the world for the historic Women’s March. We stand together in the birthplace of our nation, united with our partners, friends and children for the protection of our civil liberties, civil rights, and equality. Regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, political party, immigration status, sexual identity or orientation, we come together in Philadelphia to represent the fabric of America, to voice our concerns, and to peaceably express our grievances:

  1. As female citizens, we are often marginalized into antiquated roles that do not reflect our intersectionality or our diverse natures. To define the role of a woman or girl in today's society requires far more than a mere 140-character limit. We strive to bridge the divide within womankind, and fight for women’s equality for all women.
  2. We must unify to shed light on the need for long overdue awareness of gender equality and basic human rights:
    1. Legal protections ensuring sovereignty for all women over their bodies and health choices must be implemented.
    2. Equal pay cannot be only lip service, but clear, comprehensive state and federal law.
    3. Religious freedom, one of the cornerstones of our country’s founding principles, must not be mutated into sanctioned discrimination, but rather upheld to enable all Americans the freedom to practice and discuss their beliefs in whatever method they choose.
    4. Family leave for parents must become reality for all to thrive in their careers, and meaningfully impact today’s society and future generations.

The Women’s March on Philadelphia recognizes the vibrancy and diversity of our communities as our country’s most important strengths. We refuse to normalize targeted discrimination disguised as policy, and invite you to join us in taking the next steps to demand a real and lasting change.

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