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February 2019

Philadelphia’s Homeless Deserve Better. So do SEPTA Police. []

Before that damp and rainy Tuesday night, most of the passengers waiting for their trains at Suburban Station had never met Kenny Solomon. We didn’t know about the car accident that permanently damaged his body, or his recent fall at Suburban Station down an entire flight of steps. We also didn’t know anything positive about Mr. Solomon or his likes and dreams. But his introduction to us, and anyone who happened to be in the vicinity that night was resounding. But the scene that unfolded on...

CHOP Pediatricians present: Crossroads of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Developmental Disabilities

CHOP pediatricians and Philadelphia ACE Task Force members Roy Wade and Sandhyaa Iyengar will be panelists on a March 5th webinar that will educate physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, child life specialists, and other patient service providers how to identify the overlap of signs, symptoms, and risk factors of ACEs and developmental disabilities and address each with the appropriate care in a healthcare setting. Space is Limited - Register Today! Date and Time March 5, 2019...

One year after Parkland, Philly students, teachers say more counselors needed to deal with trauma from gun violence []

Thursday marks one year since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which set off a wave of activism across the country, as students and youth called for more gun control and safer schools. Young people in Philadelphia and other urban areas seized the opportunity to bring long-awaited attention to gun violence and trauma that impacts them on a regular basis. But some activists, students, and teachers say one year later, not much has changed in the way of...

The City of Philadelphia wants to help its frontline workers better deal with trauma []

A PGW worker is killed by an explosion in 2016 and his coworkers are still dealing with the emotional toll more than two years later. A longtime school nurse calls it quits when the school police officer who broke up fights between students has a heart attack and dies. A parole officer tries to deal with the personal emotional toll when one of his parolees commits a rape and a murder. These are a few of the tales of secondary traumatic stress — the stress that results from indirect exposure...

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