May 2018

In Philadelphia and around the country, overdoses at public libraries are a daunting reality []

Even in the digital era, libraries are high-traffic zones, hosting more than 1.5 billion visits annually. On any given day in Philadelphia, the Free Library welcomes a stream of visitors, who arrive early in the morning to use the computers, congregate after school for homework help, and join a rich range of programs, from story time, to job fairs, to classes for English language learners at the Culinary Literacy Center. Here and across the country, public libraries offer vitally important...

Intergenerational associations of parent adverse childhood experiences and child health outcomes [ Pediatrics]

To what extent do parents' adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) affect ACEs and health status among their children? Linking data of 350 parents and their children from the 2012 Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey (HHS) and the Philadelphia ACE Survey, researchers found statistically significant correlations between parents' ACE scores and their children's health status. "Our results suggest that the full scope of health effects of ACEs is not limited to the exposed individual.

The stress of poverty is a serious disease for Philly kids []

“Casserian engeri?” (“And how are the children?”) — Traditional Masai greeting The most serious, non-infectious disease in childhood, and the most common, is poverty. Despite economic gains in the last few years, children remain the poorest age group in America with nearly one in five living in poverty. That’s 13.2 million children. A recent study by the Children’s Defense Fund illustrated an even bleaker picture, with three million children living in families surviving on $2 a day per...

City Health Dashboard Now Available! A new tool can help Philadelphia measure itself

The City Health Dashboard is now available. According to its creators it is a useful tool for "empowering cities to create thriving communities." This user friendly platform allows people to look at 36 measures of health, the factors that shape health, and drivers of health equity to guide local solutions for 500 U.S. cities. A quick look at Philadelphia revealed these indicators of our health and well-being Philadelphia had an income inequality score of -24.2 , compared to an average of...

Moore student uses her fashion designs to cope with PTSD and the effects of abuse []

The first piece in Lilah James’ Moore College of Art senior fashion collection is called “Shame and Guilt.” About 50 yards of black tulle, including a cathedral-style veil, obscure the body. Faint metallic writing, excerpts from the designer’s journal, cover the fabric layers: Shame …. I really tried to be happy… James’ seventh and final look, “Flashbacks,” is a form-fitting black dress, low cut with a slit to the thigh, adorned with a flowing black cape. The covering is accented with fabric...